Venice, "The whole world can only be amazed by this town... people leave it wishing to come back, as if it said an inviting way to anyone who is leaving:"come and come again" so an anonymous venetian writer.
The town shows restless and innovatory genius and skill in architecture which have created it throughout the centuries. It is an integrated whole of buildings, connections and facilities which are put in relationship with each other by logical links establishing harmony with its environment and making of it a production of art.
The town is subdivided in six district. It consist of more than a hundred islands and it is crossed by about one hundred and fifty small canals and is linked by almost four hundred bridges. Venice has a centuries-old artistic heritage, it was refuge for poets, dreamer and artists and still appear to visitors as a dream, a masterpiece to admire.
In honour to this unforgettable town La Lagunare wishes to show you Venice in a new way by revealing you its unknown parts, trough personalized itineraries and thanks to night cruises, the top of poetry and romanticism.

Islands and sea

We advise visiting the romantic islands of the estuary and the villages of fishermen disclosing, you views you can find nowhere but here.
La Lagunare organizes for you personalized tours to let you admire the landscape of the lagoon with its holy place which are a whole with the islands flown over by sea-gulls and coloured by the houses of the fishermen.

  • Classical Tour: Torcello, Murano, Burano.

  • Grand Tour: Venezia, Torcello, San Lazzaro, Burano, San Francesco.

  • Personalized itineraries discovering the lagoon.

Our fleet

Parigina Mariangela
Wonderful double-decker boat, one of them uncovered. Really panoramic, w.c. and bar and with the possibility to eat on board. Capacity 220 passengers.

Parigina Sabieta
Motorboat Gran Turismo, capacity 64 passengers Entirely built of wood. Panoramic partially uncovered.

Parigina III
Motorboat Gran Turismo, capacity 125 passengers. Entirely built of wood.

Parigina IV
Motorboat Gran Turismo, capacity 125 passengers. Entirely built of wood.

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